"LIGHT ! An introduction to modern Physics of Light"

It takes place in Strasbourg, France and Freiburg, Germany 5/07 to 11/07/2015.

The school is open to students in physics who have completed three years of studies and to young PhD students. We will be grateful if you forward this email to people in contact with those students, or directly to students. The European Summer School 2015 is organized jointly by the Physics Department of the University and associated research laboratories and the Kiepenheuer-Institut fuer Sonnenphysik (KIS) in Freiburg, Germany. The School is sponsored by the French Excellence Initiative (IdEx) via the University of Strasbourg, the French-German University (UFA-DFH) and the Alsace Region. The European Summer School of the University of Strasbourg is a prestigious one-week meeting of students from all over Europe. Students present their research projects and attend lectures on one of the most recent topics in physics presented by internationally known scientists.
The 2015 Summer School will be dedicated to the physics of Light, and will offer an enthusiastic and educational introduction to some of the most recent research areas in this field. The scientific programme (see below) consists of lectures, seminars and workshops, where students work in small groups under the guidance of a senior researcher. This is complemented by visits to laboratories and a poster session prepared and entertained by the participants. Besides the scientific programme the participants will have the opportunity to explore the cultural and political heritage of the Alsace Region and Strasbourg, where the European Parliament and the Council of Europe are located.

The lectures will start on Monday morning, July 6 and will end on Saturday at noon, July 11. The programme will include:

- Introduction to the nature of light
- Introduction to quantum optics
- Relativistic effects, light and space-time
- Light for medicine: photodynamic therapy
- From light bulbs to monolithic blue LEDs
- Synchrotron light for various applications
- Light from stars: spectroscopic diagnostics and interferometry
- Collecting light at various wavelengths: technologies
- New microscopies and nanoscopies
- Negative refraction - bending light the wrong way
- Plasmonics
- Ultra-fast laser spectroscopy:
- Atmospheric phenomena
- Working groups

It is suggested that home universities recognize the successful participation with up to 3 credit points (ECTS). Accommodation and most meals will be provided free of charge. Upon request, we may be able to provide support to some students in covering part of their travel expenses. The European Summer School will be open for applications at least until May 17, 2015

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