Public Outreach


  1. Are we special? Searching for life in the Universe

S. Berdyugina, Public talk, TEDxMaui, 28/09/2014

  1. Biosignatures in Space

S. Berdyugina, Public presentation, Open House IfA/Maui, 19/09/2014

  1. Der andere blaue Planet: Die Astrophysikerin Svetlana Berdyugina sucht nach Lebenszeichen im reflektierten Licht ferner Planeten

Freiburger Uni-Magazin, 06/2014 PDF

  1. HotMol webpage 02/06/2014
  1. Girls’ Day at Physics Department for high-schools

S. Berdyugina, Freiburg, 14/04/2014

  1. Are we special?

S. Berdyugina, Berlin, Museum for Communications, Leibniz Association annual meeting, 28/11/2013

  1. How to find life on other planets?

S. Berdyugina,Public talk, Institute for Astronomy, Maui, 19/10/2012

  1. Searching for extraterrestrial civilizations with the Colossus telescope

S. Berdyugina, Google Hangout with SETI Institute, 2/10/2013


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